Small Class Size

At Namao Preschool Society, we understand the benefits of providing a small class size in early childhood education and that is why one of our main focuses is to keep our class size at 10 children or less in the three year old program and 12 children or less in the four year old program.  Research indicates that by offering a small class size, our teacher will be able to provide each child more individual attention and have a more manageable workload.  Please Contact Us directly for more details about our current class size or if you have any questions in this regard.

In addition, having a smaller class size takes into consideration the importance of the “…single most important environmental factor affecting the quality of the programs and the welfare of children and staff.” (see The Great 35 Square Foot Myth)  By having less children in the classroom, more space will be provided to each child.

Some articles that can be found in support of small class sizes are as follows:
Class Size – Less is more – the Manitoba Teacher’s Society
NIEER Preschool Policy Matters
The Benefits of Smaller Classes – class size matters
The Importance of a Low Student to Teacher Ratio | Our Everyday Life
The Great 35 Square Foot Myth

Some important information that can be found in these articles are:

  • “Small class sizes during a child’s first years of school can have lasting effects…the benefits that students experience from small class size during their early years of education will follow them…” The Importance of a Low Student to Teacher Ratio by Jennifer Brozak, studioD
  • “Teachers…spent less time in behaviour monitoring and control of disruptions because they were more able to deal with problems promptly as they arose and before they became serious….resulted in a reduction in the amount of negative stress in the classroom environment (Zahorik, 1999).”  Class Size:  Less is more, The Manitoba Teacher’s Society, November 2001
  • “National surveys of educators believe that class size reduction is the most effective method to improve the quality of teaching.”  The Benefits of Smaller Classes, Class Size Matters, not dated
  • “The well-being, constructive behaviour and social integration of preschool children in group settings are highly independent on the size of the classroom.” The Great 35 Square Foot Myth, by Randy White & Vicki Stoecklin, White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group, 2003

There is much more information contained in the above articles confirming the benefits of offering small classes.  Contact Us with any inquiries in this regard.