Do you know about Community Friday?

The program evolved this year to include a unique aspect that has come to be known as Community Friday.  This means that although the preK class schedule already includes Friday mornings, we have opened Fridays up to all children of the program.  As a result, children from the 3 year old Tuesday/Thursday class have the option of joining their friends in the preK class every Friday.*

Monthly field trips and special event days are scheduled on Fridays and all children are invited (and which are included in the regular Tuesday/Thursday 3 year old class fee).  We have found that this provides families from both the preK class and the 3 year old class an opportunity to get to know each other better.  The children love any chance they get to spend time with their friends from the other class!

*Tuesday/Thursday 3 year old program – $85 per month

*Tuesday/Thursday/Community Friday 3 year old program – $115 per month

*Monday/Wednesday/Community Friday preK program – $115 per month

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