Our son started at Namao Preschool in January 2018, two months shy of turning three years old and within two months, it was evident that he was growing in leaps and bounds in all areas of his life. Being the third and youngest child in our family, he really started becoming his own little person once he started preschool. He started to talk more and now shares his own thoughts and opinions. He has been in preschool for one year now and we are amazed at the progress he has made, including feeling more self-confident. ~ Serena K.

Oh yes! He’s gone from crying when I drop him off at school to running into the classroom yelling “Bye Mom!” and not turning back. ~ Erin P.

My son has always been a social butterfly but since being in the program, he’s learned so much. He has become more independent and is so proud of everything he does in class. ~ Nicole W.

My son had a super fun time at his Preschool Halloween Party. Played some Witches Hat Ring Toss, What do you feel?, Pin The Spider On The Web, Pumpkin Bean Bag Toss, and even a Photo Booth. Our teacher Mrs Z, and parents, went all out to make a special 1st Halloween Party for many of the kids. Namao Preschool Society sure is a great place. I am happy that we picked the boys to go to Preschool there.  ~ Erin S., NPS Parent

Mrs. Z is the best!  Aidan loves every minute of his time at school and can’t wait to get back to see Mrs. Z and all his friends. ~ Michelle, NPS Parent

NPS is a great community program!  Mrs. Z has more than a talent with working with young children — this is her passion and the love she shows for what she does shines through her each day.  The children adore her.  She runs an amazing early childhood program that gives the children a chance to show their true creativity and curiosity, all the while preparing them for Kindergarten and beyond.  The small class size is a bonus.  ~Serena, NPS Parent




  • Amazing!
  • This program is amazing.
  • Mrs. Z is a fantastic teacher! Love the program and field trips/activities.
  • Very good value. I am happy that this program incorporates structure and learning time, as well as play to prepare for entering kindergarten.
  • Love the field trips are paid for with monthly fees.
  • Love how she listens to the children & teaches what they are interested in.
  • Mrs. Z is amazing with all the kids and interacts to make them all feel special.
  • I like that the program is adapted to the interests of the children.
  • My child is enjoying time in this class. I love the location, the teacher and appreciate all the hard work volunteers put forth to offer this to the community. Great job!
  • Very happy with Namao Preschool! Would not make any changes. Great program.


  • The program has exceeded all expectations.
  • Mrs. Z is excellent with the children, it is quite evident that they all love her.
  • Mrs. Z is able to identify the kids that need more help and adapts her approach to get them interested in learning.
  • The teacher empathizes and cares for the parent and children.
  • Very pleased with the program and teacher overall!
  • Amazing preschool.


  • The preschool has come a long ways.  Improvements and advancement are at the forefront and it’s making the preschool more accessible and attractive!  A great program with super parent leaders.
  • I think it’s a great program.  Lots of learning and play time.
  • Love having the small class size.
  • Amazing teacher that offers so much more to kids.
  • Love how there are field trips and the Jolly Phonics program.
  • Very good sense of Reggio.  Challenges the kids!